Austria Radreisen - Thursday, 9. July 2020

Regensburg - Passau

Regensburg - Passau

Along the Bavarian Forest into the city of three rivers…

Our journey takes us through the fecund region of the Gäuboden to the right and the foothills of the Bavarian Forest to the left, where the river winds its way in south-easterly direction. Cycling past Straubing, the heart of the Gäuboden, and onwards to Deggendorf, the portal to the Bavarian Forest, we finally reach the “Venice of the North” of three rivers - Passau.

Total length: approx. 153 bicycle kilometres


01.04.12 till 31.10.12

Travel beginning: daily arrival

Duration: 5 days (4 nights)


1. Day: Regensburg

Individual arrival and accommodation.

2. Day: Regensburg - Straubing (approx. 53 km)

Crossing the Nibelungen Bridge and the Walhalla-Alley, we reach the sign-posted bicycle route “Tour de Baroque” and cycle to Donaustauf. Walhalla, the “Temple of German Honour”, stands out visibly from afar overlooking the Danube Valley. We continue on the Danube dam, past the barrage of Geisling and through the floodlands of the Old Danube River to our destination, Straubing. It is renowned for its Baroque middle-class houses and picturesque city square, and has reached worldwide fame for the “Roman Treasure Trove” at the Gäuboden museum.

3. Day: Straubing - Deggendorf (approx. 40 km)

Today we cycle onwards through the flat Danube Valley. Via Oberalteich we reach Bogen at the foot of the precipitous Bogenberg Mountain. The path leads us farther to Metten, where the twin steeples of the church are clearly illuminated against the soft hilly landscape in good weather. The Benedictine Monastery, which includes the library and the prominent Baroque church with paintings by Asam, are especially worth seeing. Today’s place of accommodation is Deggendorf, the portal to the Bavarian Forest.

4. Day: Deggendorf - Passau (approx. 60 km)

We continue to follow the „Tour de Baroque” via Niederaltaich, one of the oldest Benedictine Monasteries in Bavaria, to the small village of Winzer. Smaller increases alternate with descents from Osterhofen onward. We cycle on the left side of the Danube up to the hydro-electric power plant of Kachlet. After crossing the Danube, we reach the history-charged city of three rivers, Passau. With this Baroque city, which is impressively situated between the rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz, our tour reaches its final peak.

5. Day: Passau

Individual departure or extension of trip.