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North Burgundy

North Burgundy

On a cultural and culinary discovery…

On this bicycle tour we discover the historic monuments and picture book landscapes of North Burgundy. The journey takes us through beautiful heath and river landscapes, and picturesque villages.

Total length: approx. 225 bicycle kilometres


19.03.12 till 06.11.12

Travel beginning: daily arrival

Duration: 8 days (7 nights)


  • picture 2: © Rainer Sturm/PIXELIO

1. Day: Auxerre

Individual arrival and accommodation. Here we should pay a visit to the historic old town and the crypt of Saint-Germain with the oldest frescoes of France.

2. Day: Auxerre - Montigny-la-Resle (approx. 34 km)

On our way to Pontigny (Cistercian abbey church) we cycle time and again through wooden areas. Our interim destination is Montigny-la-Resle, which lies on the edge of the wine-growing district of Chablis.

3. Day: Montigny-la-Resle - Noyers-sur-Serein (approx. 52 km)

Today’s route leads us into the world-famous wine town of Chablis, where we can take an enjoyable walk through the city. We don’t leave without a wine-tasting, after which we pass the valley of the Serein River and reach Noyers-sur-Serein, which counts among the hundred most beautiful villages of France. We spend the night here in a manor house from the 19th c.

4. Day: Noyers-sur-Serein - Avallon (approx. 47 km)

Our way leads us to Montreal. This place lies high above the river valley and is certainly worth paying a visit to with its collegiate church from the 12c. Farther we go to Avallon, which is today’s destination. The picturesque old town with its defensive walls brings our day to a beautiful close and invites us to go on an evening stroll.

5. Day: Avallon - Vézelay (approx. 24 km)

Today we cycle through one of the fairest valleys of Burgundy – the Vallée du Cousin. The Cousin River snakes through the romantic river valley like a dream. The route takes us farther through the lovely Avallonais, past natural hedgerow country and grazing Charolais-cows, to Vézelay. Before that we cross an elevated viaduct with a view of the bridge of Pierre-Perthuis from the 17c. In Vézelay we have the possibility of visiting the basilica (designated a world cultural heritage by the UNESCO).

6. Day: Vézelay - Cravant (approx. 41 km)

A wonderful down-hill through the forest landscapes leads us to the Canal de Nivernais. The tow path along the canal finally leads us to our place of accommodation, Cravant.

7. Day: Cravant - Auxerre (approx. 27 km)

Today we make a trip to the wine villages of the Côte d’Auxerrois. Here we taste the Crémand de Bourgogne before returning to Auxerre along the Yonne.

8. Day: Auxerre

Individual departure or extension of trip.