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The Danube Cycle Path, 7-days standard option

The Danube Cycle Path, 7-days standard option

The Austria Radreisen classic:

The Danube Cycle Path The Danube Cycle Path between Passau and Vienna is commonly regarded as the most famous, popular and most travelled cycle route in Europe. At almost no other section of the Danube will you meet such a variety of landscapes, cultures and concentration of historic references. Serene valleys are alternated with fertile lowlands and steep wine terraces, while neat farmhouses display their unique charm next to magnificent monasteries. The “Schlögener Donauschlinge” (Danube Loop), Melk Abbey and the Wachau are only a few of the cultural highlights which we will explore on our journey.

Daily stages: between approx. 40 - 65 km


01.04.12 till 31.10.12

Travel beginning: daily arrival

Duration: 7 days (6 nights)


  • picture 1: Donau Niederösterreich/Steve Haider
  • picture 2: Donau Niederösterreich/Steve Haider
  • picture 3: © Albrecht E. Arnold/PIXELIO; Schloss Schönbrunn

1. Day: Bicycle tour into the Upper Danube Valley

Individual arrival in Schärding or Passau. At noon we may enjoy an organ concert on the biggest church organ in the world in the cathedral of Passau, the city of three rivers (excluding Sundays and public holidays). In Passau you have the possibility of covering the first part of our cycle tour on board of a ship, or we cycle across the bridge over the river Inn and continue on the southern side of the Danube to Engelhartszell, which is the setting of the only Trappist convent in Austria. There we either cross to the northern side of the Danube by ferry or by going across the power plant Jochenstein (1 km before Engelhartszell). The “house by the stream” (water-world of adventure) next to the power plant is especially seeing.

2. Day: Bicycle tour to Linz/surroundings

On this day we encounter our first scenic highlight - the great “Schlögener Donauschlinge” (Danube loop of Schlögen). The villages of Aschach, Ottensheim, and the baroque Wilhering Monastery, which are located along the banks of the river Danube, welcome you to stay. From here we do not have far to go until we arrive at Linz, the capital of Upper Austria.

3. Day: Bicycle tour to Perg/Grein/surroundings

We leave Linz through the local recreation area and cycle via Mauthausen or Enns, the oldest city of Austria (Danube bicycle ferry) farther to Lake Wallsee. Via Ardagger we continue onwards, across the Danube bridge, and enter the little mariner town of Grein, which marks the beginning of the “Strudengau”. Here we have time to visit Grein Castle, the city theatre and the maritime museum.

4. Day: Bicycle tour to Marbach/Maria Taferl/Melk/surroundings

Today we cycle through the Strudengau along the southern border of the Danube to the old Roman town of Ybbs. We cross the Danube via the dam of the power plant Ybbs-Persenbeug and reach Marbach through the Nibelungengau. High above the town lies the famous place of pilgrimage of Maria Taferl. Via Klein Pöchlarn we cycle along the dam to the Danube power plant of Melk, which crowns today’s cycle tour with its marvellous baroque Benedictine monastery, which sits high atop a cliff overlooking the river.

5. Day: Bicycle tour into the Wachau

The town of Melk marks the beginning of the most famous section of the Danube - the Wachau. This day abounds in natural beauties and cultural sights, while the cycle track leads us through traditional viticultural villages of the Wachau all the way to Krems.

6. Day: Bicycle tour to Traismauer/Tulln/surroundings

In Krems we cross the Danube once again and cycle - past Göttweig Monastery - to Traismauer or into Tullner Field with its city of flowers, Tulln.

7. Day: Bicycle tour to Vienna

Today we cover the last stage of our journey, which leads us into the federal capital of Vienna. On our way we encounter numerous allotment gardens and weekend settlements, as well as the famous Augustinian convent of Klosterneuburg, the “Kahlenberg” (Vienna’s lookout-mountain) and Nussdorf. The bicycle path ends just a few walking minutes away from the Stephansdom. Individual departure.