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Donaueschingen - Ulm

Donaueschingen - Ulm

From the origin of the Danube to the birthplace of Albert Einstein…

From the source of the Danube, where the two small rivers Breg and Brigach meet, we cycle through wild romantic natural beauties such as the Danube Sink and the glacial valley to the strongly jagged rocks of the “Upper Danube” National Park.

Total length: approx. 200 bicycle kilometres


14.04.12 till 07.10.12

Travel beginning: on Saturdays, on Sundays

Duration: 8 days (7 nights)


  • Bild 2: © Dirk Schmidt/PIXELIO

1. Day: Donaueschingen

Individual arrival and accommodation.

2. Day: Donaueschingen - Tuttlingen/surroundings (approx. 38 km)

Following the course of the young Danube River, we reach the first highlight of our trip: The Danube Sink at the health resort of Möhringen. On 200 days a year the abundant river seeps into the crevices of the White Jura stratum, only to resurface in part from the Aachtopf (the biggest well in Germany) after approx 12 km and 60 hours. Along the rivulet, which originates a couple of 100 metres after the Sink, we cycle past the limestone rock formations of the Upper Danube Natural Park to Tuttlingen.

3. Day: Tuttlingen/surroundings - Fridingen/Beuron (approx. 15 - 25 km)

Today we cycle to Fridingen where you can find the Jägerhaushöhle (cave) with excavations from the Mesolithic Era as well as the lookout point at Knopfmacherfelsen (“Buttonmaker Rock”). At this point, the Danube breaks through the rocks of the Swabian Alb. Accommodation in Fridingen or Beuron.

4. Day: Fridingen/Beuron - Sigmaringen/Scheer (approx. 30 - 48 km)

Along the Danube we cycle past romantic mills and picturesque valleys. Wildenstein Castle and Werenwag Castle point us the way past Hausen im Tal and Thiergarten to Sigmaringen, the former capital of the Royal House of Hohenzollern with its marvellous castle. Accommodation either in Sigmaringen or Scheer.

5. Day: Sigmaringen/Scheer - Altheim/Riedlingen (approx. 26 - 33 km)

Past mixed forests and meadows we first arrive at Scheer, once the place of settlement of the Celts and Romans. Further on we go via Mengen, one of the five Habsburg cities on the Upper Danube, to Hundersingen with its Heuneburg museum (exhibition about the early Celtic settlement). Accommodation in Altheim or Riedlingen.

6. Day: Altheim/Riedlingen - Ehingen (approx. 35 - 40 km)

Along the Upper Swabian Baroque Road we pass numerous historico-cultural treasures of this epoch, such as the Baroque Monasteries of Zell, Zwiefalten and Obermarchtal. After a small increase before Munderkingen, we continue leisurely into the city of beer culture, Ethingen.

7. Day: Ehingen - (Blaubeuren) - Ulm (approx. 33 resp. 44 km)

Today we can choose between two possibilities for reaching our destination. We can either cycle along the Danube River through flat, rambling moors and nature reserves, passing Oberdischingen, with its stately residence, and Erbach on our way to Ulm; or, we cycle along the river Ach and the river Blau via Blaubeuren with its famous Blautopf (approx. 21 m deep spring which spills approx. 2300 litres of water per second), to Ulm.

8. Day: Ulm

Individual departure or extension of trip.