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Holland - Belgium- France, Tour Limburg

The sensational Tour Limburg...

leads us through the Maas Valley, the Ourthe Valley, and the 3 Limburg Countries (Haspengau, Hoge Kempen National Park, Maasland).

Total length: approx. 183 bicycle kilometres (you can shorten or extend the daily stages to some extent)

Holland - Belgium - France, the 3-Country-Tour Ravel

Holland - Belgium - France, the 3-Country-Tour “Ravel”

leads us through the most gorgeous landscapes of South Holland, Wallonia, and the Champagne-Ardennes.

Total length: approx. 144 bicycle kilometres (extra tours are possible for sportive cyclists)

Flanders Cycle Path

Along the historic cities of art...

Surprisingly near and beautiful – this phrase optimally and succinctly characterizes the varied region of Flanders and Brussels. We experience the pleasures of a holiday which caters to almost every taste: the pulsating metropolis of Brussels, relaxing bicycle tours in impressive natural landscapes, cultural highlights in historic buildings, eminent museums, and many culinary titbits.

Total length: approx. 275 bicycle kilometres

Displaying results 1 to 3 out of 3