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Short trip to Bratislava

Short trip to Bratislava

Floating above the waters of the Danube…

Spend a day at Bratislava and enjoy the charming old town – the heart of old Preßburg.


24.04.12 till 29.09.12

Travel beginning: on Tuesdays, on Wednesdays, on Thursdays, on Fridays, on Saturdays

Duration: 3 days (2 nights)

04.10.12 till 12.10.12

Travel beginning: on Thursdays, on Fridays

Duration: 3 days (2 nights)


  • Bild 2: © Reinhard Hinz/PIXELIO

1. Day: Discover Bratislava

After one accommodation in Vienna a hydrofoil craft will carry you to Bratislava along the Danube. After the arriving in the late morning you can explore the old town on foot and discover the numerous and highly attractive sights of Bratislava. In the city centre you will find numerous restaurants, cafés or pubs. You can really relax there. In the late afternoon the hydrofoil takes you back to Vienna where you have one more overnight stay.