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Company History

The early beginnings of Austria Radreisen were humble indeed when we started out in the year of 1981 with one female employee, a minibus, and only one bicycle tour on offer - the legendary Danube Cycle Path. This tour turned out to be a top-seller and it became clear that the demand and need for an organised activity holiday was going to be huge. That was when the idea of developing many more new bicycle tours was born, which offer highest comfort and include a daily luggage transport through the most diverse regions.

In the year of 2011, our company engages 14 permanent employees, including 12 extra workers such as luggage drivers, tour guides, and mechanics, who are employed on a seasonal basis. Moreover, our car fleet has been extended to include 7 extra buses and diverse bicycle trailers.

Our inventory has swelled from a modest number of 10 bicycles in the beginning to 400. These bicycle are not exclusively loaned to guests who book a bicycle tour with AUSTRIA RADREISEN, but used for excursions, company outings, etc. This way we are able to appeal to a highly diversified clientele that embraces the „vitality holiday“.

Austria Radreisen has grown step by step with each year and tour and established itself as a successful enterprise with high experience and numerous accolades, such as the recent Austrian Environmental Label for travel offers in 2009. We can now look back on thousands of satisfied cyclists and many years of excellent customer care, which has always taken priority with us – after all, for cyclists it is all about the most beautiful (travel) time of the year!

Our experience fills us with pride and permits us to look forward into a future filled with optimism. We are continuing to go down the road we have started and always do our best to guarantee our clients an unforgettable holiday experience.