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If you do not want to bring your own bicycle with you on the tour, we can provide you with a high-quality, well-maintained rental bicycle (+ panniers for your daily luggage).

We offer our clients 7-gear-tour bicycles with back-pedalling brake or, on request, 21-gear-tour bicycles with free-wheeling.

Please note that while we do have lady’s and men’s bicycles (with cross bar), we will increasingly provide more unisex bicycles in the future (= bicycles with a special uniform frame for ladies and men, thus a men’s bicycle does not have the usual cross bar and looks more like a lady’s bicycle).

On many tours you will have the possibility of renting electric bicycles on enquiry. These bicycles help you make the most of your own pedalling force and enable you a carefree and enjoyable cycling experience!

On bicycle tours which we carry out in collaboration with a local contractual partner you will be provided with different tour bicycles. You can find further information about the price, the type of bicycle, as well as the equipment, in the service section of the respective tour. It is common practice for some of our contractual partners to collect a deposit for the bicycle and equipment on site, for which you will be fully reimbursed after the proper return of the bicycle at the end of your trip.

For the rare case of a flat tyre you will be provided with a service repair kit. In case of bigger damage, please call us and we will try to help you quickly. Cyclist travelling in a group can make use of the professional expertise of their tour guide and the accompanying service bus.