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Conditions of Travel

Booking/Payment of travel price:
The registration takes place according to our description in our catalogue/on our homepage. The registration must be completed in written form (registration form in the catalogue or online). A deposit in the amount of 10 % of the total booking price is immediately due for each person (+ costs for insurances and flights) upon receipt of the confirmation of booking/invoice. The remaining sum may be paid two weeks at the earliest before the start of the tour so that shipping of the travel documents may progress step by step.

The travel price includes the booking of a double room per person; however, single travellers have the possibility of booking a single room against surcharge. Due to limited numbers of single rooms in some hotels, travellers are (in cases of emergency) expected to make do with simpler rooms or to change hotels/private guesthouses for bed and breakfast. For details about the extent of contractual services, please consult the service section of the respective tour. On the main, the stages of the itinerary represent the daily destinations. In particular cases, we need to assume your consent for switching to places in the nearer vicinity without a reduction.

Cancellation before trip and rebooking:
If you want to cancel the tour, please inform us immediately. We charge a service fee of 10 % of the total booking price per person for a cancellation up to 28 days before departure; likewise, 50 % up to 8 days and 80 % up to 1 day before departure, respectively. Cancellation on the day of arrival or missing the start of the trip will result in the forfeit of a refund for unused services (e.g. incl. abort of travel). The arrival day counts as the beginning of the journey. In case of rebooking (changes with respect to travel date/category/type of room/board) up to 28 days before departure, we charge a service fee of € 52, -- per booking. Later rebooking (if still possible) cannot be carried out until after the cancellation of the travel contract according to the given terms and simultaneous new registration. Special terms apply partly to tours in collaboration with a local contractual partner.

Changes in travel price:
The tour operator reserves the right to raise the booking price on grounds which are not dependent on his will or unforeseeable, provided the travel date lies 2 months after the conclusion of contract. Such reasons are, exclusively, changes in transportation costs such as raise in fuel or embarkation/disembarkation expenses in harbours. The organiser can raise the booking price according to the following calculations: a. in case of a rise with regard to the cabin, the travellers can be expected to pay an increase. b. in other cases, the additional transportation costs, which carriers demand for each transport, will be divided by the number of cabin places of the arranged transport. The resultant increase for the cabin can be charged to the traveller. We are obligated to inform you immediately (otherwise no later than 21 before the arranged date of arrival) about an intended, legally permissible price increase. A price increase after that time is not permissible. Should price increases exceed 5 % of the total booking price, the traveller is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract without any further costs. You are bound to make use of this right immediately after receipt of the notification of change. In this case we will reimburse you for all your earlier payments. There exist no further claims.

With the due diligence of a proper merchant, we are liable for the correctness of the descriptions of all given travel services as described in the catalogue, as well as for the proper selection and mediation of service providers (hotels, transport companies etc.) and conscientious travel preparation and arrangement. For visits that are included in the programme, but which are no longer possible for reasons that are beyond our control (e.g. renovations, barriers, reconstructions etc.), we cannot be held responsible. You partake in the journey at your own risk. Every participant is solely responsible for his or her physical ability to meet the challenges of the booked trip. Likewise, every traveller is responsible for abiding by the road traffic regulations. The conditions of transport of the respective transport companies apply. Our liability – whatever the legal ground – is limited to a total of the triple of the travel price, insofar as the damage has not been caused deliberately or through gross negligence on our part, or insofar as we are solely responsible on account of a fault committed by one of our service providers. We do not reimburse you for unused services. Every client is responsible to conform personally to all pass, visa, customs and health regulations. Minors can only participate if they are accompanied by a legal guardian. If a trip has to be cancelled for reasons which are beyond our influence (acts of God, strikes etc.) or concerning boat and bike tours in case of extremely high water or low water or in case of an engine trouble, we will reimburse you for the already paid travel price (no more requirements). We reserve the right to cancel a trip up to 21 days (at the latest) before departure, if not at least 8 people have signed up for it. In this case you will be notified immediately and receive a refund of all previous payments. Further claims do not exist. Should you - contrary to expectations- have any reason for complaints, please communicate them to us or the tour operator of the journey (please refer to your travel documents). Furthermore, we will receive complaints in written form until one month at the latest after the end of the trip (the date as indicated in the contract). A written confirmation is needed for any oral agreements to take effect; changes in services and prices are reserved, as well as the correction of errors and printing and spelling mistakes. The place of jurisdiction is the home of the tour operator.

Bicycle tours in collaboration with a local contractual partner:
Special terms partly apply for these tours (cancellation, children discount, insurance, services etc.) Please pay attention to the service block of the respective bicycle tour. More detailed information is available on enquiry.

In addition to the European Travel Insurance, you may take out a cancellation insurance policy in the amount of € 21, -- per person for all private bicycle tours organized by Austria Radreisen. Please order our insurance leaflets.