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A bicycle holiday is a well-balanced mix of pleasure, relaxation, activity, sociability, and culture… and Austria Radreisen will make sure that you do not have to shoulder your backpack yourself. On our homepage you will find a wide selection of bicycle tours in Austria and Europe. The decision about which tour to choose may therefore not come easy to you.

In order to be able to carry out bicycle tours throughout Europe, we collaborate with carefully selected partners on some tours, whose quality standards are similar to those of Austria Radreisen. Nonetheless, we would like to remind you that a certain amount of tolerance is necessary when travelling abroad for adjusting oneself to the customs and traditions of the respective country.

In the following section we have listed the reasons why you have made the right choice with Austria Radreisen.

Route guidance:

Austria Radreisen is the Nr. 1 in Austria, which means – and we may say so with complete confidence and without presumption – that nobody knows Austria’s cycle paths better than us.

Here are experts at work:

We optimally plan all routes for you- and sometimes you have contributed to our work by filling in forms or offering us valuable suggestions.

As you make your bed, you must lie on it:

It goes without saying that we only choose the best hotels and most sophisticated inns and guesthouses for you, which, in turn, offer the best rooms with a bath or shower and toilet each. The same goes for our contractual houses on our bicycle tours abroad, which, too, are chosen with the utmost care. Please consult the service section of the desired tour for more detailed information about the accommodation.

The best of cooking and cellar:

A rich breakfast provides the best conditions for a good start to the day. On many bicycle tours you have the possibility of booking half-board (see exclusive services).

A bit more individual:

Our programme is very comprehensive, to be sure. However, should you still have any wishes left, we can wherever possible put together your very own bicycle holiday. We already look forward to your enquiry!

Awarded with the eco-label:

Cycling protects the environment, saves fuel, relieves traffic, and is beneficial to your health. In this sense, Austria Radreisen offers a holiday in the spirit of protecting the environment, for which it was awarded the Austrian Environmental Label in 2009. If nothing else, the best holiday comes from a clear conscience and enjoying the most beautiful and precious time of the year.