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This way you will get the most out of your trip: Experiencing the pleasures of nature and sights firsthand without having to worry about the route itself:
You cycle in a group of 10 to 20 guests in the professional company of two experienced tour guides. He or she will accompany you during the entire length of you trip, guiding you along carefully selected roads and bringing special cultural and natural sights to your attention. If needed, your guide will fix smaller repairs of your bike – in short, your tour guide will be with you around the clock.
The second guide is responsible for driving the accompanying service-bus with the specific bicycle trailer. Your luggage is transported on our bus, which time and again will catch up to the group. Should you feel no longer motivated to ride your bicycle, you may naturally continue your trip on our bus.

Group tours

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Prague - Dresden, group tour

“Joie de vivre” and art along the rivers Moldau and Elbe…

This tour leads you along the Moldau and Elbe from the golden city of Prague to the Elbsandstein Mountains and further on to Dresden. We experience two cosmopolitan cities, which offer a multiplicity of sights, cycle through charming Czech villages and cross romantic river landscapes.

Total length: approx. 225 bicycle kilometres

South Tyrol to Trieste, group tour

On even routes from the Dolomite Alps to the Adriatic Sea

This tour which encompasses three countries (Italy, Austria, Slovenia) leads us from the Hochpustertal in the heart of the Dolomites up to Trieste, the capital of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and once an eminent seaport of the Habsburgs. On the way we can look forward to idyllic landscapes, the magical lake of Bled and the famous wine-growing district of Collio.

Total length: approx. 312-352 bicycle kilometres

Bolzano - Lake Garda - Venice, group tour

Fascinating cities and the flair of Bella Italia…

We get to know cities like Verona, Vicenza and Venice as well as the magnificent Lake Garda, and regale our taste-buds with a fine glass of wine or by tasting a seductive Gelati.

Total length: approx. 280 – 340 bicycle kilometres

Around Venice, group tour

Landscapes, art and cuisine…

This cycle tour leads us through Venetia, one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Let yourself be enchanted as you discover history-laden cities and marvel at the fascinating scenery!

Total length: approx. 285 bicycle kilometres

Highlights of the Provence, group tour

Cycling through the sunny country of France…

Fertile lowlands, cultural centres from Antiquity and the Middle Ages, fragrant herbs and the Provencal way of life – all this is life in the Provence! Except for some small ascents in the hill country de Garrigue and in the Alpilles, we can look forward to an easy and diversified tour.

Total length: approx. 305 bicycle kilometres

Emerald Route Slovenia, group tour

The most beautiful sights of Slovenia…

This tour is ideal for a first visit to Slovenia: We will get to know a lot of its most famous sights in one week. From the capital of Ljubljana we follow the ancient trade routes to the Adriatic Sea. Let’s experience the bustling baroque city of Ljubljana, the historic town of Trieste, and tranquil villages nestled between vineyards, and enjoy the culinary delicacies such as goat and sheep cheese, full-bodied vines, and the air-dried ham Pršut.

Total length: approx. 209 – 284 bicycle kilometres

Displaying results 1 to 6 out of 6