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Leine bike path 7 days option

Leine Cycle Path, 7 days option

From the Leine spring in the low mountain ranges to the North German Plain...

The Leine Cycle Path leads through a diversified landscape downstream from Leinefelde to Hanover. We follow the curving river landscape through beautiful valleys, extended woods, and meadows with scattered-fruit trees, while small towns with splendid half-timbered houses, romantic fortresses and castles line our way.

Total length: approx. 245 – 285 bicycle kilometres


20.04.12 till 13.10.12

Travel beginning: on Fridays, on Saturdays

Duration: 7 days (6 nights)


  • picture 1: © Birgit Winter/PIXELIO

1. Day: Leinefelde

Individual arrival and accommodation.

2. Day: Tour of the Ohm Mountains (approx. 45 km)

We start our tour of the Ohm Mountains, the smallest mountain range in Germany. In the Worbiser Bear Park we find a large-scale bear and wolf area. The well preserved Bodenstein Castle is also worth seeing. Cycling in the direction of Großbodungen and past the ruin of Hasenburg, we discover the other side of the Ohm Mountains. Let’s enjoy the delicacies of Eichsfeld cooking before we get back to our point of departure, Leinefelde.

3. Day: Leinefelde - Göttingen (approx. 56 km)

After visiting the Leine spring we leave Leinefelde, where the path leads us through a scenically enchanting region between gently rolling hills, meadows with scattered-fruit trees, and fragrant flower pastures down to Göttingen. The landmark of the university city is the “Gänseliesel” at the market well.

4. Day: Göttingen - Einbeck (approx. 47 km)

Today we look forward to two grand cities on the “German Half-Timbered House Road”: first Northeim and then Einbeck. The art of brewing and the blueprint rate among the traditional crafts in Einbeck. You can see the wealth on the decorated houses.

5. Day: Einbeck - Gronau (approx. 49 km)

Fortresses and castles, which rise high and are visible from afar, accompany us on our way today. Let’s indulge in a comfortable stroll through the picturesque old town of Alfeld before we head on in the direction of Gronau.

6. Day: Gronau - Hanover (approx. 48 km)

We leave Gronau and cycle to Nordstemmen, where we cross the Leine. We should not shy away from an ascent to the neo-Gothic Marienburg Castle, which has been erected on a mountain top and already stands out from afar. We pass the small town of Koldingen, where we take a tour into the historic old town of Pattensen, which is only 2,5 km away. In the afternoon we look forward to the Lower Saxon federal capital of Hanover – the cultural centre of the region.

7. Day: Hanover

Individual departure or extension of trip.