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The Nature Park Adventure

The Nature Park Adventure

Where eagles fly and wolves ululate...

Mysterious rocky landscapes, picturesque river valleys, vast forests, and cozy Eifel villages turns this bicycle trip into a special experience. In the midst of the tri-border area of the countries of Belgium, Germany, and Luxemburg, a relaxing cycling trip awaits us in the border-crossing nature parks of this region. We discover the Südeifel Nature Park in all its facets and follow the rivers Prüm, Nims, Sauer, Mosel, and Kyll through the beautiful nature landscape. We will be especially fascinated by the interesting fortresses and castles, the rushing Irreler Falls and the Ferschweiler high plateau with the Devil’s Gorge.

Total length: approx. 250 bicycle kilometres


15.03.12 till 25.10.12

Travel beginning: daily arrival

Duration: 8 days (7 nights)


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1. Day: Prüm

Individual arrival and accommodation.

2. Day: Prüm - Neuerburg/Sinspelt (approx. 39 - 45 km)

We cycle leisurely on the former Pronsfeld-Arzfeld railway line, which has been converted into a cycle path, and then in wide curving slopes up to the “wild” Islek. Once there we enjoy the impressive view over the region! On the former rail trail of Pronsfeld-Neuerburg we eventually arrive in the air health resort of Neuerburg/Sinspelt.

3. Day: Neuerburg/Sinspelt - Irrel/Bollendorf (approx. 38 - 55 km)

We can reach today’s destination on two different routes: either we cycle along the Enz Cycle Path or via Vianden along the 3-Country-Route. Friends of nature should absolutely make a trip to the famous Irreler Falls or the Devil’s Gorge. Accommodation in Irrel or Bollendorf.

4. Day: Irrel/Bollendorf - Trier/Kordel (approx. 42 - 74 km)

No matter whether we choose the German or the Luxembourgian bank of the Sauer River, we will be greeted with flat and easy paths throughout. We can also look forward to a dreamlike vineyard landscape, which leads us directly into the oldest city of Germany: Trier. Accommodation in Trier or Kordel.

5. Day: Trier/Kordel - Bitburg (approx. 38 - 55 km)

Today our route always leads us slightly uphill over the Kyll Valley Cycle Path – an old disused rail trail – into the beer metropolis of Bitburg. Each turn of the way holds a new surprise for us, such as, for instance, Ramstein Castle high above Kordel, lovely Eifel towns with blooming front gardens, and maybe even colourful canoes on the Kyll. On the end of the day we have to master a crisp ascent up to Bitburg, from which we can recover extensively, however, in the local water park Cascade (admission is included). And maybe we finish the day off with the sentence: “Bitte ein Bit” (“A bit, please!”)

6. Day: Bitburg - Birresborn/Gerolstein (approx. 32 - 40 km)

After a rapid descent to Bitburg-Erdorf, the most difficult section of the whole tour is waiting to be conquered: an approx. 2 km long, intense ascent with a gradient of approx. 13% (can alternatively be bridged by a train ride, to be organised on your own). From Kyllburg we dive into the landscape of the Vulkaneifel and soon reach Birreborn/Gerolstein. A further highlight of today is a tour to Kasselburg Castle with its eagle and wolf park (+ altogether 6 km from Gerolstein or + altogether 22 km from Birresborn). Here we experience the biggest pack of wolves of Western Europe on an elevated and fenced-in adventure path.

7. Day: Birresborn/Gerolstein - Prüm (approx. 25 - 33 km)

Today we follow the Eifel-Ardennes Cycle Path. From Gerolstein we cycle continuously uphill at first only to roll downhill from Weihnsheim on. We have enough time to visit the Emperor-Lothar-City of Prüm to our heart’s desire once again.

8. Day: Prüm

Individual departure or extension of trip.