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Flanders Cycle Path

Along the historic cities of art...

Surprisingly near and beautiful – this phrase optimally and succinctly characterizes the varied region of Flanders and Brussels. We experience the pleasures of a holiday which caters to almost every taste: the pulsating metropolis of Brussels, relaxing bicycle tours in impressive natural landscapes, cultural highlights in historic buildings, eminent museums, and many culinary titbits.

Total length: approx. 275 bicycle kilometres


21.04.12 till 22.09.12

Travel beginning: on Saturdays

Duration: 7 days (6 nights)

01.07.12 till 19.08.12

Travel beginning: on Sundays

Duration: 7 days (6 nights)


  • picture 1: © Tourismus Flandern-Brüssel/De Brie
  • picture 2: © Tourismus Flandern-Brüssel/Monney
  • picture 3: © Tourismus Flandern-Brüssel/Couleur Locale

1. Day: Brussels

Individual arrival and accommodation. Brussels captivates with its particular multicultural charm as well as beautiful squares, facades, galleries, and alleys.

2. Day: Brussels - Mechelen (approx. 65 km)

On the first day of cycling we pass the merry university and beer town of Leuven. Our goal is Mechelen, a city by the Dijle. A stroll leads us to the most important historic buildings, which, for the most part, go back to the time of the Burdgundians (St. Rombouts Cathedral, palace of Margaret of Austria,…). We can also visit the Toy or Watch Museum.

3. Day: Mechelen - Bornem (approx. 35 km)

Today we can expect a short cycling day along the rivers Rupel and Schelde to Bornem. Who wants to can take the train from Mechelen into the Rubens city of Antwerpen prior to that and explore the splendid trading town. Afterwards train ride back to Mechelen and bicycle tour to Bornem (train rides to be organised on your own).

4. Day: Bornem - Gent (approx. 65 km)

Today our path leads us to Gent, the „historic heart of Flanders”. Three medieval towers make up the skyline of this city and the impressive duke castle will spark our imagination. Worth seeing are the old harbour with the guilded houses at the Graslei and Korenlei and a magnificent view.

5. Day: Gent - Brügge (approx. 50 km)

We cycle into the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Brügge. Hardly any other town is so suspenseful, charming, and culturally precious so that we should absolutely embark on a discovery tour!

6. Day: Brügge - De Haan - Brügge (approx. 60 km)

We make a bicycle trip into the small Flemish town of Lissewege. Only some few kilometres separate us from the coastal town of De Haan. Before we head back to Brügge, we can go for a swim in the North Sea or relax on the beach. Alternatively, we may visit Ostend starting from Brügge (by train, to be organised on your own).

7. Day: Brügge

Individual departure or extension of trip.