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Our everyday life is increasingly defined by stress and a pressure to perform. Hardly anyone finds the time to simply enjoy nature and take in the beauty of the landscapes that surround us. The holiday season, the most precious time of the year, is often spent travelling in a car or plane, and the end result is more often than not unsatisfactory, exhausting or arduous. With a cycling holiday, however, your holiday starts the minute you are on your bike, cycling all your stress away with absolutely no harm to the environment - besides, what better way is there to get to know a country and its people than by enjoying a relaxed bicycle tour?

Our success

We prize the best quality and, with us, the customer is king. Our goal, which has always come first, is not a continuous rise in sales, but the guaranteed and complete satisfaction of our customers.

We are one of the biggest bicycle tour operators in Europe.

In the future - far from resting on our laurels - we will try to improve our offer continuously and adapt to the wishes of our customers. Furthermore, we intend to extend our programme with new tours in order to win new and maintain regular customers.